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About Taylor's Market

Taylor's Ol' Fashioned Market has been around since 1966. Three Taylors': Donald M. Taylor, father, and his two sons, R. Merle and Donald R. Taylor, founded the company together. Donald M. Taylor was Director of Foods Co. which was a major California food chain during that time. With four and a half years under his belt, they built a company from the ground up that was  based around customer service, quality meats, and hard work. Taylor's expanded to surrounding areas, adding two more markets to its chain. 

Front of Taylor's Ol' Fashioned Market.
Newspaper article about Taylor's opening day.

Taylor's Market Today

Today, Taylor's Ol' Fashioned Market in Sierra Madre is the only market left. However, the market is in full operation, still serving the same quality and providing exceptional 

customer service to all our loyal shoppers. The market is undergoing constant improvement and restoration to provide customers with more options to add to their grocery list.

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